Vidant Edgecombe Hospital human resources launches e-recruit system

Vidant Edgecombe Hospital’s human resources department is launching its e-recruit system today. Job seekers will no longer have to fill out paper applications; they will now have the ability to go online to search postings, apply for jobs and check the status of their application at any time.

“I think it’s going to be nice for them to be able to create a profile. They don’t have to redo a new profile every time they find a new job that they want to apply for, so it’s going to save a lot of time,” said Erin Grimsley, director of marketing, business development and gifts for Vidant Edgecombe Hospital.

Vidant Edgecombe Hospital’s Director of Human Resources Kadie H. Moore said getting away from the paper application process is “very exciting” for her and she anticipates the new system expediting the hiring process all the way around.

“Our time to fill positions should improve tremendously,” she said.

For job applicants who don’t have access to a home computer, two kiosks will be set up in the lobby of the hospital’s human resources department, providing access to the e-recruit system.

“They can do an active (job) search based on all sorts of criteria,” Moore said.

She said the new system will also help the hospital in its job recruitment efforts. Once a job applicant enters his/ her information into the system, any recruiter within Vidant Health can access that applicant’s information, Moore said. The e-recruit system will also give the hospital the ability to use social media as a recruitment tool, as opposed to the paperless process of posting job announcements on bulletin boards.

“We’ll be utilizing Google plus and also Twitter,” Moore said. “Social media is a huge piece of our recruitment efforts.”

Moore said the Vidant Health system has had an online recruitment system since 2005 and the regional facilities are gradually becoming a part of that. By this time next year, she said all the Vidant Health facilities would be on board.

Grimsley said the e-recruit system will include postings not only at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital itself but also the multispecialty clinic in Tarboro, the clinic in Pinetops, the behavioral center in Macclesfield and the Vidant Women’s Center in Tarboro, all of which are Vidant facilities.

Moore said Vidant Edgecombe Hospital has about 600 employees, including contract workers.

“On a given weekly basis, we’ve had about 10 vacancies posted for Vidant Edgecombe,” Moore said. “This year, we’ve had some exciting options for new position createment.”

One of those new positions was a physical therapist.

To access the e-recruit system, visit  HYPERLINK “”, click on Careers and Click on View Job Listings. Those wishing to apply for a specific posting will be prompted to register and create a profile.


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Vidant Edgecombe Hospital human resources launches e-recruit system
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