The New Normal: Cloud-Based Human Resources on the Rise

New insight shows that cloud-based human resources (HR) should be the norm within a few years. This presents MSPs with an opportunity for a business-based argument for additional cloud services and to create a foothold in an underserved market.

The Emergence of Cloud-Based Human Resources

As detailed in Human Resource Executive Online, the discussion in HR circles is no longer about simply migrating to the cloud, but rather the assumption that HR systems will soon be cloud-based. The article points to research that suggests HR departments are increasingly considering advanced analytics and the insights they will yield, but implementation remains slow. Roadblocks include the belief that HR teams could have difficulty navigating talent metrics and that there is a lack of analytics experts to turn data into actionable intelligence.

This trend in cloud-based human resources follows a larger progression toward cloud computing. MSPs should expect advanced analytics initiatives to follow suit once HR departments get more comfortable with harnessing data.

Utilizing the Trend

Since HR systems remain largely in-house, MSPs can get the jump on an untapped need in the business community and differentiate themselves in the market. Businesses that find success in the cloud might be more inclined to shift additional aspects of their IT infrastructure there as well. This may create a situation where MSPs and CSPs can present the adoption of public cloud services for HR as part of a larger business realignment, rather than just an additional service to be purchased. Since there is already an underlying desire to harness the power of big data, businesses could be more open to the idea of using the public cloud for this purpose.

This is the kind of long-term strategy that businesses expect out of a partnership with an MSP. Managing IT services is only one aspect of a successful relationship, as MSPs also need to predict upcoming needs and work with their clients to build a technology roadmap for the future.

MSPs need to be at the forefront of this movement toward cloud-based human resources, building their own bottom line, gathering new customers who are just starting with cloud computing and maintaining dynamic relationships to succeed in a cloud-based world.

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The New Normal: Cloud-Based Human Resources on the Rise
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human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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