SVP Human Resources Manne Tiensuu to leave Finnair


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Finnair (HEX:FIA):

Finnair’s SVP Human Resources Manne Tiensuu will leave the company. Tiensuu, a member of Finnair’s Executive Board, has held the position since 2010 and will leave the company once Finnair has found a successor for him.

“Manne has done a great job in developing Finnair’s human resources and the personnel policy of the whole company. The streamlining and development of the HR function has been a significant achievement and we have clearly progressed in the development of our leadership culture,” says Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo. “In change management, Finnair has followed those principles that the management team jointly set when the current cost savings program started in 2011. Our aim is to build a profitable and sustainable Finnair by having open dialogue with personnel and taking timely action, even in matters that are painful. Manne has had a key role in forming these principles as cornerstones of Finnair management practice. This work will naturally continue, as Finnair’s cost challenges and its structural change continue to create human resource challenges. At the same time, we have to ensure that basic HR services, which ease the everyday life of our employees, work faultlessly. While we continue to build the new Finnair, I warmly wish Manne the best of success in his future career.”

“These four years at Finnair have been an amazing experience. I have become familiar with the challenges linked to change management and structural change during this period. I am proud of the work that our — nowadays relatively small — team of HR professionals does, and of the fact that despite often close media scrutiny, overall job satisfaction at Finnair has remained very high,” says Manne Tiensuu. “Finnair’s HR team has also managed to develop and introduce new competencies in Finnair. For me personally, it has been a clear disappointment that we were not able to jointly reach results with some personnel groups in the recent cost savings negotiations, and as a result we have to plan alternative methods to reach the savings. A lot remains to be done, but the new Finnair is being built step by step. I wish energy and determination to all personnel in this work, while I will enthusiastically start seeking new interesting challenges.”

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SVP Human Resources Manne Tiensuu to leave Finnair
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