Schumacher Group Supports Growth and Patient Care With One Application for HR and Finance in the Workday Cloud

PLEASANTON, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 16, 2013) – Workday, Inc. (NYSE: WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance, announced today that Schumacher Group, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing healthcare resources and a longtime Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) customer, has rolled out Workday Financial Management to help advance its healthcare services into the future. Moving from a bolted-together legacy system to Workday’s model of one application for HR and finance, Schumacher now has greater visibility into costs, the ability to scale with growing service lines, and self-service functionality that empowers all business users with the HR and financial data they need to make decisions. 

Caring for some four million patients annually, Schumacher Group is one of the largest emergency medical staffing and management companies in the United States, as well as a healthcare resource for hospital medicine, wellness programs, care management, urgent care, physical therapy, and billing and coding. In the last few years, Schumacher has experienced fast growth, introducing five new service lines in addition to core business expansion. To manage this change, executives needed greater visibility into the people and operations of the business by service line, which its previous legacy system could not provide. With HR and finance in one application, Schumacher executives have complete transparency into the business, with real-time visibility into the numbers when and how they need it. 

In addition, Workday’s application provides managers throughout the company with one point of access to HR and financial information relevant to their departments, such as cost per employee from a salary or travel and expense perspective or cost of software application purchases, which is critical business information that was previously restricted to accounting and finance. Managers also are able to see a snapshot of total costs each day that includes workers on staff and run-rate or spend for that day, empowering them with better insights for planning and budgeting.

One of the greatest benefits of the system is the value of having HR and finance in one application in the cloud, which also includes Workday Payroll and Workday Expenses. Benefits that Schumacher has already realized include:

  • Reduced time and greater simplicity in the payroll process, with journal entries seamlessly detailed in payroll items, relieving a previously cumbersome and error-prone integration process.
  • Increased productivity with new information to the HR system automatically updating to the financial application in real time, such as supervisor changes automatically being reflected in expense report processes, alleviating the need for manual updates to separate systems.
  • Greater visibility into expenses, resulting in a better understanding of costs and improved collaboration with IT in preventing errors and creating more efficiencies. 

Schumacher is also using Workday’s mobile application to keep track of company changes as the business evolves, giving executives direct access to the dynamic organization directory via their mobile devices. 

Comments on the News
“What Workday is doing by having HCM and financials as one system — not just integrated, but one — is a paradigm shift in the way of thinking about ERP. We started with Workday HCM three years ago and are now using Workday Financial Management, because we believe one application for both will help us grow and scale,” said Douglas Menefee, chief information officer, Schumacher Group. “Ultimately these decisions are about providing the best care for our patients, and Workday’s system is giving us the efficiencies we need to do that.”

“Workday has given us greater visibility into costs we didn’t know we had, such as telecom expenses at locations where we no longer operate, and insight on how that happened,” said Menefee. ”Because of how the technology works, we knew to the penny of dollars going out and could do fast analysis to fix it. We immediately saw cost savings to the organization.”

“Our goal is to empower the business with one application for HR and finance, so Schumacher can focus on its mission of providing the best possible healthcare for its patients,” said Dave Duffield, co-founder and co-CEO, Workday. “Now they have a system that provides the business analytics, speed, and agility to help them grow and transform.”

About Workday
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Schumacher Group Supports Growth and Patient Care With One Application for HR and Finance in the Workday Cloud
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