PeopleG2’s First Annual Human Resources Compliance Survey Reveals Widespread Confusion Among Executives Regarding …


According the first annual Human Resources Compliance Survey conducted
by leading human capital due diligence firm PeopleG2, the vast majority
of American executives believe their companies are compliant with Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines (94 percent),
however 72 percent of those surveyed ask job applicants about criminal
history in applications despite 2012 EEOC guidelines designed to reverse
the procedure.

“EEOC compliance is the number one issue we hear about from our clients,
and the findings of this survey don’t surprise me,” said Chris Dyer,
PeopleG2’s founder and CEO. “Most companies are still unaware that
questions about criminal history on job applications can be
discriminatory and that communication about criminal history should
arise as an open dialog much later in the decision-making stage of

In addition, more than 14 percent of respondents fail to offer any
opportunity to discuss the existence of criminal history in the
application process. However, the EEOC issued the new guidelines to
ensure that hiring entities consider whether the nature of a crime is
relevant to the job, whether skills necessary for the job could be
compromised based on the criminal history and whether time has elapsed
to allow for correction before a candidate is rejected.

“In order to make hiring decisions that are not discriminatory,
companies must consider candidates for their abilities and job fit
before factoring in other information that might impact his or her
work,” added Dyer. “Companies should ‘Ban the Box’ on applications that
automatically eliminates job applicants who have criminal histories and
consider the positive aspects of each candidate first.”

Survey Findings (1,493 respondents)

Does your company actively use criminal background checks when hiring?
No: 26.37%
Not Sure: 1.31%

Does your company ask job applicants if they have a criminal history
at some point during the application process?

Yes: 74.4%
Not Sure: 3.67%

Does your company’s application process allow for an explanation of
any criminal history?

Yes: 79.37%
No: 14.62%
Sure: 6.01%

Do you believe your company is compliant with current Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines?

Yes: 93.99%
Not Sure: 5.23%

Do you believe EEOC guidelines are fair to your job candidates?
No: 4.96%
Not Sure: 14.88%

Do you believe EEOC guidelines are fair to your employer?
No: 14.10%
Not Sure: 22.45%

About PeopleG2

Founded in 2001, PeopleG2 is one of the top human capital due diligence
service providers firms in North America, leveraging proprietary
processes and tools to serve clients’ risk management needs and support
their most strategic people-related decisions. Drawing on military
intelligence-gathering term “G2,” PeopleG2 proactively and
systematically conducts discovery on both the potential sources of value
and potential concerns that accompany human capital assets. The company
has consistently set itself apart from the industry’s highly
commoditized, excessively automated background check service providers
by focusing on each customer’s unique business needs and being a very
flexible, hands-on provider.

PeopleG2 offers proven, scalable, high-impact and legally defensible
business solutions for employers/human resources departments, executive
leadership teams, business investors, corporate restructuring and
merger-and-acquisition architects and even property owners. PeopleG2 was
recently named to the 2013 Inc. 500|5000 “Fastest Growing Companies,” as
well as Orange County Business Journal’s 2013 “Best Places to
Work” and “Fastest Growing Private Companies in Orange County” lists.
More about PeopleG2 can be found at


PeopleG2’s first annual Human Resources Compliance Survey findings
are based on an online survey of 1,493 human resources executives that
concluded in September of 2013. All participants are from the United
States and work for companies with 25,000 or more employees worldwide.


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PeopleG2’s First Annual Human Resources Compliance Survey Reveals Widespread Confusion Among Executives Regarding …
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