LeadFerret Launches Directory Of Human Resources Companies

LeadFerret, the free B2B data site, today announced the launch of their searchable directory of Human Resources Companies.

Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) – LeadFerret users currently have free access to over 15 million business contacts with complete information, including email addresses, social media links, and an extensive set of search tools. Today LeadFerret launched the addition of a very specialized search page that allows users to search and see full contact information for contacts identified as Human Resources Companies.

See full directory at: http://leadferret.com/v1/directory/human-resources-companies

For small businesses and large companies alike, the human resources or personnel department can be helpful for much more than simply processing payroll or handling promotions over the course of the year. Human resources plays a crucial role in developing a company’s strategy as well as handling the employee activities of an organization. In the case of small businesses, if one person leaves the company, it leaves a huge gap to fill and potential threat to the company’s profitability. Some companies offer human resources consulting, bringing in an expert to provide exactly the kinds of consulting during an employee meeting, and also be available to meet with employees, when needed.

This directory will be useful for anyone looking to partner with Human Resources, for companies who wish to outsource their current HR Department, or companies looking for scalability.

“Small companies now outsource many administrative and human resources duties to save time and money,” explains Forest Cassidy, Co-Founder of LeadFerret.com. “Whether you’re looking to hire a human resources consultant, and want to see the full range of your options, or have a product or service that you would like to market to Human Resource Companies, this directly an excellent starting point, since we make it so easy for you to look through it and find exactly what you need.”

About LeadFerret

LeadFerret, Inc offers an online B2B database with complete data for over 15+ million business contacts. Users can search and view all 15+ million records for free, with no limitations, users only pay when they want to download records. Every record comes with complete information, including email address, phone number, company information, and much more. Many records now even come with social media links. For more information, go to: http://www.LeadFerret.com/v1.

Source Article from http://www.hrhub.com/doc/leadferret-launches-directory-of-human-resources-companies-0001?atc~c=771+s=773+r=001+l=a
LeadFerret Launches Directory Of Human Resources Companies
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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