Human Resources Website Recognizes the 30 Most Influential I/O Psychologists

HOUSTON, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — At Human Resources MBA, a new article has been published to recognize the achievements of 30 exceptional professionals in the field of industrial and organizational psychology who are on the forefront of making a significant positive impact on changing modern practices to improve workplaces. “The 30 Most Influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive Today” is a handy new addition to the free educational website for introducing human resources students and new HR professionals to accomplished leaders in the field who are helping companies reach organizational goals by implementing innovative strategies for success.

As a fast-growing subspecialty at the crossroads of business and science, I/O psychologists are focused on studying ways to maximize employee productivity, increase human collaboration, and promote motivation.

“In creating this article, the researchers at Human Resources MBA chose I/O psychologists that stood out for their outstanding publication records, impact on industrial practices, influence on future research directions, and notable award recognitions,” said website editor Barbara Zimmaro.

The article recognizes the biggest names in I/O psychology today, including the director of the Workplace Bullying Institute, founder of Talent Quarterly Magazine, senior White House policy advisor, creator of the self-determination theory (SDT), director for the Society for Human Resource Management, designer of the “Workplace Arrogance Scale,” and more.

Below are the 30 influential industrial and organizational psychologists that have been recognized by Human Resources MBA for their tremendous strides in improving working conditions in various industries around the world:

1. Stanley Silverman: University of Akron 
2. Anita Woodley: Carnegie Mellon University 
3. David Rock: Neuroleadership Institute 
4. Jay Van Bavel: New York University 
5. Gary Namie: Workplace Bullying Institute 
6. Fred Lutherans: DePaul University 
7. Victor Vroom: Yale University 
8. Jeffrey Stanton: Syracuse University 
9. Dennis Organ: Indiana University 
10. Marc Effron: Talent Strategy Group 
11. Morgan McCall: University of Southern California 
12. Wendong Li: Kansas State University 
13. Maya Shankar: Stanford University 
14. Greg Oldham: Tulane University 
15. Steve Sauter: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 
16. Thomas Cox: Birbeck University of London 
17. Cary Cooper: Lancaster University  
18. Edward Deci: University of Rochester 
19. Richard Ryan: University of Rochester 
20. Edward Lawler: University of Southern California 
21. Richard Klimoski: George Mason University 
22. Nancy Tippins: Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
23. Elaine Pulakos: Pennsylvania State University 
24. Lawrence James: Georgia Institute of Technology 
25. Wayne Cascio: University of Colorado Denver 
26. Eduardo Salas: University of Central Florida 
27. Robert Lord: Durham University 
28. Richard Arvey: National University of Singapore 
29. Rob McKenna: Seattle Pacific University 
30. David Yamada: Suffolk University

More details about the exemplary accomplishments and cutting-edge innovations inspired by these top 30 most influential industrial and organizational psychologists can be found at

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Phone: 281-506-2905

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Human Resources Website Recognizes the 30 Most Influential I/O Psychologists
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