Human Resources Ministry Wants Public Feedback On Minimum Wage – Riot

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3, (Bernama) — Employers, workers and the public have been urged to provide feedback about the implementation of minimum wage before July.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Richard Riot Jaem said this was neccessary so that he could bring up the suggestions at the National Wage Council meeting in July.

“I am asking the public including the employers and workers to come back to us with suggestions on how we can improve the minimum wage,” he said after launching ‘HR Risk Management Solution’, here today.

“Hopefully with this, we can ensure that the minimum wage can be fully implemented, and it must be a win-win situation.” he added.

At present, there are 645,136 small and medium sized companies in Malaysia, and to fully implement the minimum wage on the SMEs is a bit difficult.

In his speech earlier, Riot said the SMEs should adopt good human resource practices to reduce the number of industrial relations cases.

“Between 2005-2012, we had 94,879 industrial relations cases referred to the Industrial Relations Court and another 10,500 cases were referred in 2013.”

HR Risk Management Solution is a collaboration between i-HR Consultant Sdn Bhd and Tune Ins Holdings Bhd.

It comprises the provision of human resources knowledge and content via a human resource portal; the provision of human resource advisory support by experience human resource or legal practitioners and the provision of Employment Practice Liability Insurance.


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Human Resources Ministry Wants Public Feedback On Minimum Wage – Riot
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