Human resources jobs up for review across Texas A&M University System

Posted: Sunday, September 15, 2013 12:00 am

Updated: 12:44 am, Sun Sep 15, 2013.

Human resources jobs up for review across Texas A&M University System


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The jobs of all of the Texas A&M University System human resources positions in Brazos County are under review.

Chancellor John Sharp, as part of a potential overhaul of the $3.8 billion system, has hired Mindstream Analytics to review employee performance and best business practices. The system hired the company in March for $80,000 without requesting bids for the contract. A spokesman said the system decided to save time and money by going with a company it had worked with before.

The review is one of several being conducted by contractors with the system, the largest of which is a planned system-wide audit that will assess the job of every non-faculty member employed by the system. The HR review will run concurrent to the administrative audit. Also under review are information technology and communications operations and the operation of Easterwood Airport.

The reviews, according to Sharp, all have the ultimate goal of finding savings that can be reinvested back into education. But, unlike the other reviews, Sharp declined to talk about HR.

System spokesman Steve Moore said that Mindstream had not yet produced any written or verbal feedback and that it was too early to comment on the report. He did, however, explain why the system ordered it.

“This study is consistent with the other audits performed under the direction of [Sharp], because it seeks to determine if we are providing the most efficient and transparent services in support of our main missions of teaching and research,” said Moore in an emailed statement. “If savings are determined, with no loss in effectiveness, those savings will be used to benefit the academic enterprise.”

All HR positions at the following system entities are under review: Texas A&M University, the Texas A&M System offices, the Health Science Center, AgriLife, the Engineering Extension Service, the Engineering Experiment Station and the Transportation Institute.

Moore said the scope of the work was defined to be “A standardized classification/compensation component for the standardized pay plan for system member institutions in the Brazos Valley” and “a definition of opportunities for efficient delivery of human resource service in the Brazos Valley — including a common on-boarding process and potential centralization.”

The precursor of the Mindstream audit was a 2012 management review performed by MGT of America. In that report, also ordered by Sharp, MGT recommended eliminating 22 of the 95 A&M system HR positions in the Brazos Valley for a savings of $1.6 million annually. The MGT report also recommended consolidating all of the Brazos Valley HR at one location at Texas A&M University.

According to the report, “Routine HR activities … can be delivered more efficiently and effectively in a consolidated or shared services environment. A leaner HR then may focus on more complex tasks such as employee relations, dispute resolution, counseling and organizational development.”


Sunday, September 15, 2013 12:00 am.

Updated: 12:44 am.

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Human resources jobs up for review across Texas A&M University System
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