Head of Human Resources – Eurojust

EUROJUST is the EU’s judicial cooperation unit fostering and supporting judicial coordination and cooperation between national authorities in combatting serious cross-border crime affecting the European Union. Crime areas include terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings, corruption and cybercrime.  

Eurojust now invites applications for the position of:  

Head of Human Resources – AD10  

You will lead and manage a team currently consisting of 16 post-holders. You will be requested to transform the Human Resources Unit into a professional all-round HR service to all Eurojust post-holders and to provide strategic support to the Administrative Director, to whom you will report directly and to the College of Eurojust.  

The basic monthly salary, before any deductions or allowances, is approximately EUR 8129. Remuneration is exempt from any national taxation.  

The vacancy is open to nationals of the Member States of the European Union.  

For a detailed vacancy notice see, please visit our website at:

Source Article from http://www.europeanvoice.com/article/vacancies/head-of-human-resource-eurojust/80967.aspx
Head of Human Resources – Eurojust
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human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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