Grundy County has new human resources director

MORRIS – Deborah Jankiewicz, human resources practitioner for the village of Alsip, has accepted an offer to become the new human resources director for Grundy County.

Jankiewicz will start early next year and Debra Johnson, the immediate past director for human resources, will continue to assist in that department until then, according to board member Vicki Geiger.

Geiger said Jankiewicz has 15 years of human resources experience.

The new director’s hometown was not immediately available, but Geiger said Jankiewicz lives closer to Morris than Alsip.

“I’m not currently aware of any requirements for her to move to Morris,” Geiger said.

The new director was selected out of 13 applicants for the position and four candidates who were interviewed.

David Nelson, vice chairman for the county board, said he sat in on all of the interviews and that Jankiewicz will be a great addition to the county.

“Her personality really stood out to me. She’s someone that’s a go-getter and ready to come in and bring in changes,” Nelson said. “She kept using the word consistency and was excited talking about it. We need to make sure the person we’re bringing in shows consistency in bringing in policies and enforcing those policies.”

Nelson said one of the county’s biggest concerns for the position is consistency. He added the board felt Jankiewicz, who is two classes shy of earning her master’s degree in Human Resources, was one of the candidates who would stay at the county long term.

The new director also has a Professional in Human Resources certification and a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification.

“The second one is a tough certification to get. It proves you’re a well-rounded HR person,” Nelson said. “Her education mixed with [her] certifications is what we’re really excited about. She’s going to be great and I’m excited she’s on board.”

The full Grundy County Board approved at Tuesday’s meeting for Geiger to officially offer the position to Jankiewicz, but didn’t release her name to the public until Thursday because she had not yet notified her employer.

“There was a process we needed to go through to hire the new HR director and the Personnel Committee followed the procedure to a tee,” said David Welter, county board chairman. “It was good to get the name of the person selected to the pubic. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and has a strong education background.”

Geiger previously said the board unanimously felt Jankiewicz was a good candidate for the position.

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Grundy County has new human resources director
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