Global Bank President Ron Nechemia Appoints Former Managing Director for Paul Hastings, Siobhain McCarthy, as Global …


Dr. Siobhain McCarthy has been appointed Vice President in Charge of the Human Resources Services Vice Presidency Unit of Global Bank, Ron Nechemia, President and Chairman of the Board of Governors, announced today. McCarthy, a British national, will be responsible for all human resources matters globally, with a specific focus on talent acquisition and talent management. She will be based at the Bank’s Global Headquarters in California and will report directly to Walter E. Gaskin, the Managing Director in Charge of the Operation Complex of the Bank.

Dr. McCarthy has over 20 years of international experience in Europe, North America and Asia, in the public and private sectors. She has contributed to the growth and development of companies such as Hughes and DirecTV as well as public institutions such as the Orange County Department of Education and the University of California, Los Angeles. For almost seven years she was Managing Director, Global Attorney Development for Paul Hastings LLP, a global law firm with 19 offices worldwide.

“To respond to the fast changing and increasingly diversified needs of its clients, Global Bank needs to attract, deploy, and retain a world-class group of diverse and talented employees,” Mr. Nechemia said. “The delivery of top quality global knowledge and financial services to serve clients around the world requires a highly talented, adaptable, mobile and diverse workforce,” he stated, adding, “McCarthy is a highly regarded human resources practitioner, and her experience makes her well suited to this role. I am confident that she will drive the Bank’s reputation as an employer of choice and a leader among international financial institutions.”

In her role as leader and standard bearer of the Human Resources Vice Presidency Unit, Dr. McCarthy will specifically be charged with developing policies and succession systems that provide Global Bank with the diversity, flexibility and mobility necessary to respond to a changing business environment and support greater decentralization of the Bank’s business. As one of the premier development organizations, Global Bank has a critical role in helping countries reach their development goals. To that end, the Global Bank needs to attract, develop, and retain staff of the highest technical and leadership caliber. Dr. McCarthy will use a mission-oriented approach that takes into account such dynamics as technological evolution, outsourcing and offshoring and the dramatically changing demographics of the labor markets. Keeping Global Bank agile by setting the bar high will be her primary task.

“I’m thrilled to be appointed to this role,” Dr. McCarthy said. “One of my key focuses will be driving the human resource strategy forward and building on the success that the Global Bank has had to date in attracting leading global talent.”

“Dr. McCarthy has a background as a senior human resources executive in large multinational organizations and, lately, within the public sector,” said Walter Gaskin, Managing Director. “She has a strong combination of sound business acumen and commercial experience and has an excellent track record in delivering results within complex knowledge-based organizations,” he added. “I am confident that she will be the right person to take the Human Resource Services Vice Presidency Unit to the next level and support our business in achieving the goals of the Global Bank.”

Siobhain McCarthy graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and she was awarded college honors and departmental highest honors. She earned the degree of Doctor of Education with an emphasis in leadership development and management, also from UCLA. Additionally, Dr. McCarthy is a Master Coach Graduate of the Behavioral Coaching Institute.

About Global Bank Group

EurOrient Financial Group (EurOrient) is the sponsor of Global Bank. Founded in 1988, EurOrient is a private sector global development finance institution accredited by United Nations General Assembly on Financing for Development. Its mission is, in part, to support the economic and social development efforts of less-developed countries as they seek achievement of internationally agreed upon development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration. It also works to implement the recommendations of major United Nations conferences and summits. EurOrient’s strategic priorities are aligned to advance the United Nations’ global priorities.

EurOrient Financial Group represents, develops and supports the collective interests of Global Bank and any and all of its business interests around the world. Global Bank is a full-fledged private sector global development bank in formation – the world’s second global development bank – positioned next to the World Bank Group and the preeminent regional development banks (MDBs). It combines the characteristics of a multilateral development bank with those of a private financial institution. The main objective of Global Bank is to reduce poverty in middle-income countries and creditworthy poorer countries by promoting sustainable development. To this end, The Bank finances primarily public sector infrastructure projects and sustainable development through the provision of sovereign loans to developing countries.

More detailed information can be found on the EurOrient’s website:


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Global Bank President Ron Nechemia Appoints Former Managing Director for Paul Hastings, Siobhain McCarthy, as Global …
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