Fairsail Streamlines Human Resources and Recruitment Processes for United Allergy Services


the leader in Global Workforce Collaboration, today announced United
Allergy Services
(UAS), a leading healthcare services company
empowering doctor and health systems to deliver safe and effective
allergy testing and immunotherapy services, has selected it to
streamline and manage its human resource, human capital management and
recruitment processes, bringing together its global team on a single

Founded in 2009 and employing over 900 people, UAS’s service line
includes 520 Allergy Centers, education of medical professionals,
technology services, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and
supply and inventory management. Today UAS’s contracted physicians
provide allergy testing and treatment to more than 60 million U.S.
residents suffering from allergies.

As a rapidly growing company, the human resources team at UAS was
challenged with the burgeoning employee records it was required to
manage. UAS also needed to find a solution that would integrate with
Salesforce.com and other current systems in use by UAS.

Peter Gerard, vp of human resources at UAS said: “We were keeping our HR
and recruitment records in paper files, making any reporting or
searching of data lengthy and inefficient. We needed a system which
could help manage our human
capital and recruitment processes
efficiently and quickly.”

UAS chose Fairsail in part due to its use of the Force.com platform and
its full compatibility with existing technology in use by the company.
After the initial consultation with Fairsail, UAS selected the two
modules that would help them address the business challenges they faced.
Gerard added: “Fairsail had some great features to offer which we knew
would provide a solution to the challenges we were facing. This, along
with its ability to plug directly into the Salesforce.com environment
made it the clear choice for us.”

UAS selected Fairsail Recruit, because of its ability to integrate and
audit the entire process of recruitment, which for a rapidly growing
organization like UAS was essential. It also opted for a second Fairsail
module, Human
Capital Management (HCM)
, to bring together processes such as
performance ratings, job descriptions and development plans in a single

“Our HR team saw a difference immediately. It eliminated the need for
paper files and enabled us to electronically process candidate
applications in a system which is easy to track. Fairsail
has made the process of finding and assessing applicants
easier, allowing us to search by applicant and vacancies online and
automate the hiring and on-boarding process,” continued Gerard.

“On the Human Capital Management side of the program, Fairsail has the
ability to save employee data and run useful reports which allow
managers to track employee development and engagement,” said Gerard.

Nic Scott, Fairsail’s chief executive officer, added: “Employee
collaboration has been a big focus for us in the past year, and our
success with companies like UAS proves the value in bringing together
employees and recruitment processes in a single place. It has been great
to work with UAS to support its growth and strong focus on employee

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About Fairsail

Fairsail is a leading provider of single suite HR systems to high-growth
international businesses. Proven to tackle the HR challenges of global
organizations, Fairsail solutions deliver local compliance across
regions and corporate consolidation to Home Office at over 100
enterprises around the world. Its customers include United Allergy
Services, Maxwell Systems, Inc. and Oxford Instruments.

Fairsail mirrors HR’s increasingly strategic role in modern
organizations, eliminating administration and providing integrated
analytics to increase employee alignment with corporate objectives.
Spanning Recruitment, Human Capital Management (HCM), Vacation
Management and Open Enrollment, Fairsail offers exciting ways for
colleagues all over the world to collaborate both for the benefit of
their own career and that of their employer’s organization. Fairsail is
the global platform of choice for local HR.

About United Allergy Services

United Allergy Services™ (UAS) is a healthcare services organization
that assists primary care physicians; pulmonologists; ENT physicians;
paediatricians; internal medicine physicians, and healthcare systems in
providing comprehensive allergy testing and customized immunotherapy
services to their patients. UAS is the industry leader empowering these
medical providers to conveniently, safely and effectively offer the only
known permanent relief from airborne and mould allergy symptoms and
related diseases to the 60 million sufferers in the United States. For
more information about UAS, please visit http://www.unitedallergyservices.com/.

Source Article from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fairsail-streamlines-human-resources-recruitment-171300319.html
Fairsail Streamlines Human Resources and Recruitment Processes for United Allergy Services
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human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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