Theonera Inc. Joins RecruitLoop, Expands HR Recruitment Reach

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Paying by the hour has saved us thousands of dollars on a typical recruitment assignment.

Waterloo, ON (PRWEB) March 25, 2014

Leading full service human resources consulting firm Theonera Inc. today announced it has joined RecruitLoop, a platform that allows employers to automate and outsource the recruitment process, on-demand.

RecruitLoop is a new model of online recruitment that cuts expensive recruitment agencies out of the equation and enables companies to contract expert recruitment firms on an hourly basis. The benefit to employers: stress-free recruitment at 80% lower cost.

Using RecruitLoop’s free RecruiterMatch Service, employers can connect with expert recruiters online to help with hiring needs, then receive flexible recruitment support, recorded video interviews and candidate tests. The company’s recorded interview feature allows clients to screen candidates with automated video interviews, saving hours in recruitment by only meeting with the best candidates in person.

Theonera Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Human Resource Outsourcing [HRO], Recruitment and Assessment, works with businesses to simplify the recruiting process and functions as an ‘outsourced human resources department’ offering flexibility and solutions to meet business needs. Theonera President John Francis said the new membership with RecruitLoop is a natural fit on account of the companies’ aligned goals.

“What we like about our membership is that we are able to offer high quality recruitment services for a huge cost saving for clients. Theonera is committed to finding the right people for our clients in a cost-effective and time-saving manner,” Francis said. “RecruitLoop is expanding our reach, making it possible for more clients to save thousands of dollars on a search, find the right candidate is less time and only pay for what they need.”

For more information on Human Resources consulting by Theonera Inc., visit or contact 519-656-1051 or john(at)theonera(dot)com.

About RecruitLoop:

RecruitLoop was founded after years of frustration with traditional recruitment. Agencies are expensive. But DIY recruitment can be extremely time-consuming. For employers, they’re both painful options. RecruitLoop is a platform for employers to automate and outsource the recruitment process, on-demand. Recruitloop launched in Australia in late-2011, and setup an office in San Francisco in 2013.

About Theonera Inc.

Theonera is your solution for Human Resources. Theonera Inc. is a global firm with networks in several leading industries. They believe in the importance of finding the right person for the job and are committed to making that happen for your company.

In today’s competitive business world, a company’s success always comes down to having the right people for the job. At Theonera, people are their business. With over 20 years’ experience and recognition from our peers, you can be reassured that you are in capable hands. Theonera is committed to offering professional services at an affordable rate. While onsite consultation is certainly possible, they do offer online video services which allow significant savings on travel costs.

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Theonera Inc. Joins RecruitLoop, Expands HR Recruitment Reach
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results

The rise of people architecture

In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it’s on the rise. 

The chief analyst at IT workforce research firm Foote Partners says people architecture is gaining popularity.

What is people architecture? It’s very similar in principle to traditional IT architecture initiatives, but applied to workforce management and IT human capital practices. There are capability road maps, phase-gate blueprints and performance metrics. Governance issues need attention, and business strategy drives it all. But with people architecture, it’s about how key human capital management elements such as job definition, skills acquisition, compensation, professional development, work/life balance and recognition plug into an overall optimized operational model. The model is tuned to new technologies, business strategy, organizational goals, and culture and performance philosophies, and it promotes flexibility and scalability, like any disciplined architecture approach.

For employers, people architecture can mean improved individual and team performance and more predictable execution, more consistent availability and quality of skills and workers, higher utilization rates, and optimized resource supply/demand management. For IT professionals, it can mean more tangible career paths, more useful feedback on how they fit into the overall IT and business mission, and less confusion about job options. And we hear stories about better morale.

How is it implemented? People architecture has a long tail; much can be implemented in months, but it is really built incrementally over years. It starts with adopting a model in which technology professionals inhabit broad, horizontal roles rather than hundreds of siloed and somewhat disconnected jobs. Typical roles include analyst, architect, project and program manager, consultant and tech specialist. Standards are logically defined and aligned within each role, covering things like proficiency in the technical, business and soft skills necessary for moving along development and promotion paths. Jobs that fall within each role can then be defined, titled, graded and leveled with appropriate compensation structures, incentive designs, skills pay programs and performance plans.

It sounds difficult. It might not be easy, but it’s necessary. CIOs are having difficulty finding and retaining people who can perform at a high caliber on increasingly more difficult tasks, and at the same time they’re feeling immense performance pressure. Plus, the IT workforce today is spread throughout the enterprise doing multidimensional jobs that are hard to categorize, price and manage. In this environment, many IT leaders and business executives have come to see the architecting of people management as the next logical frontier.

Who is employing it so far? The IT professional services and business consulting industries have been practicing people architecture for years, and for good reason: Their assets walk out the door every night. Just to stay competitive, they’ve had to pioneer a lot of very effective human capital management programs for attracting, developing, promoting and retaining great people. But people architecture principles are within reach of every employer. We’re seeing interest growing in many industries.




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The rise of people architecture
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results
human resources – Yahoo News Search Results