CAE to Boost National Human Resources

The CAE Brunei Multipurpose Training Centre will be saving the Brunei government both financially and in terms of human resources. Mr. Kevin Speed, General Manager of the CAE Brunei MPTC elaborates on the human and financial costs saved.

Job creation, knowledge transfer and influx of cash flow to the economy are some of the other benefits of the training centre.

SO the MPTC contributes in significant ways and the most fundamental way is the creation of the 65 jobs. In fact we’re very proud we are just certified by EASA and already 100 % of our operational personnel are all Bruneians. Yes there are a few expatriates who are performing training, creating jobs, knowledge transfer and opportunities for Bruneians so these are some of the local impacts.

But also our customers are international in fact the sum behind me the S92. 90 % of our customers are going to be from an international base. The Shell Petroleum only makes up a small portion of the training. We already have commitments from Australia, Canada, China, Thailand operators, Korean operators. ..they really very interested to train here because the other option is to travel overseas which is very expensive and very time consuming, so we’re benefiting employees, we’re doing knowledge transfer, we’re bringing in other third countries who are then spending their money here in Brunei which is an economic benefit.

Not only is the Brunei economy set to get a boost in terms of increased cash flow and local job creation but Brunei’s workforce will benefit greatly from the cutting edge knowledge and skills learnt at the Centre. ©BRUDIRECT.COM


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CAE to Boost National Human Resources
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human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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