‘Bankers should focus on human resources’

“Redesigning branches and transforming the bank will not suffice. The culture should also change.” M.V. Nair, former CMD of Union Bank

The Indian banking industry is at the crossroads where human resources is concerned, according to former Union Bank CMD M.V. Nair.

He was referring to the huge intake of youngsters in the industry (in recent years) on the one hand, and the large number of voluntary retirements on the other.

“While this can be converted into a great opportunity, it can affect the base as well if banks fail to plan properly,” he cautioned.

“The present day banker has to comprehend and cope with the growing customer base, changing profile and expectations, lest they (customers) move to some other bank. Redesigning branches and transforming the bank will not suffice.

“The culture should also change with customer expectations,” he told Business Line during an informal chat.

Comparing the training imparted during his time with the present day mentoring of youngsters, he said: “Skill development is becoming crucial. Banks have to look for professional faculty to train these people. Even today, the trainer is from within the bank. They may be good communicators, but not necessarily good bankers.”

He admitted that most bankers at the helm did not focus much on human resources till recently. “This is affecting the banks now, especially with regard to leadership,” he said. Traditionally, a banker rises to become a general manager only at 55-57 years, he pointed out, adding that the ideal age is 43-45.

The opportunity to rise to this level due to sheer pressure and promotion is far greater now, he said.

The CEO should put a succession plan in place and impart leadership training, he added. ‘HR is a much bigger task. It needs tremendous planning,” he said.

Source Article from http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/banking/bankers-should-focus-on-human-resources/article5490154.ece
‘Bankers should focus on human resources’
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human resources – Yahoo News Search Results


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