Appmosphere, Inc. Adding Human Resources App to Line of Retail Mobility Software

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Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

Appmosphere is excited to announce the addition of a human resources software tool to its lineup of retail mobility tools, Mobile Storm™. Appmosphere is currently in development on a Point of Sale tablet app along with a Manager App, a scanning stock clerk tool, and a Customer App. The grocery store Appmosphere is partnering with on this solution, Lueken’s Village Foods, asked that Appmosphere add a fifth product to the suite.

Introducing the H.R. App: an app that allows human resources and managers a complete overview of their employees. Administrators can schedule employees based on a number of factors such as availability, department budgets, or hours worked for the current pay period. Administrators can set wages, respond to vacation requests, and even see employee punch-in times compared to scheduled work times, all from an intuitive iPad app.

The H.R. App will also be able to be set up as an employee kiosk. When it’s in Employee Mode, the app will be the place where employees punch in. With the ability to take pictures of the employees as they check in, managers will always know that employees are actually present when their times are posted. And with the knowledge that their picture is being taken, the app will enhance employee presentability.

Once the employee has punched in, they’ll be able to view their schedule on weekly and monthly calendars, request time off, view their available vacation and sick days, and even get detailed information about their wage, 401K, and W2 deductions.

The H.R. App is set to not only integrate with the rest of Storm, but to be sold as a solution in its own right. While users will get the most functionality out of it when incorporating into the rest of the Mobile Storm suite, the app alone packs enough features to be a powerful solution in its own right. Currently in the design phase, it will still be some time before the product is ready for market. Be sure to check back to Appmosphere’s and Mobile Storm’s websites for updates.

About Mobile Storm POS

Mobility and streamlined integration is where the retail and service industries are heading. Large retail establishments are beginning to change the way day to day business is performed, and expect their technology to keep pace with an increasingly smart and mobile world.

Appmosphere’s suite of Mobile Storm products and services allow businesses a chance to get ahead of the competition by supplying them with sleek, efficient, and intuitive software and mobility tools.

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About Appmosphere, Inc.

Appmosphere is a cutting-edge, full-service provider of mobile application development and marketing strategies. Their vision is to utilize the best technologies to improve people’s lives through useful, relevant, and efficient software tools.

Appmosphere was founded in 2007, putting them at the beginning of the mobile software development revolution. As smartphones have evolved, so have they; Appmosphere has remained at the forefront of all new platforms and technologies.

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Appmosphere, Inc. Adding Human Resources App to Line of Retail Mobility Software
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